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International Programs

Participants from almost 50 countries have come to Cornell’s campus to engage in programs conducted for international audiences, including countries in Africa, Asia, the Caribbean, Latin America, and Europe.

Likewise, FIMP faculty travel abroad to teach on-site for company-specific or open-enrollment executive programs.

New Supermarket Association of Japan Food Executive Program

This innovative program is offered jointly with the New Supermarket Association of Japan, the leading food retailing trade association in Japan. The program is a series of two-day sessions that starts in Japan in October with presentations by FIMP faculty, convening every month for sessions with a range of leading Japanese faculty and executives covering a prescribed curriculum of management topics. The 10-month program culminates with a two-day session at Cornell's campus in Ithaca, NY.

Who Should Attend

This program is designed for high-potential executives in companies that belong to the Japan Self-Service Association.

Recent Participants

Takeshi Ajima Maruto Shouji Co., Ltd.
Junji Otoshi Maruto Shouji Co., Ltd.
Hitoshi Oyama Ralse Co., Ltd.
Takayuki Nakamura Fukuhara Co., Ltd.
Nobuhiko Muraoka The Maruetsu, Inc.
Daisuke Shimizu Mammy Mart Corporation
Hideki Kiyokawa Takaki Bakery Co., Ltd.
Akinori Mozuo Takaki Food Service Partners Co., Ltd.
Tadakazu Kitayama Kansai Super Market Ltd.
Hiroshi Yamazawa Yamazawa Chemical
Yoshihito Nishikawa Heiwado Co., Ltd.
Daisuke Teshima Nippon Flour Mills Co., Ltd.
Keiichiro Iwata Isetan Mitsukoshi Food Service Co., Ltd.
Katsuhiro Yonekawa Mitsui & Co., Ltd.
Hiroshi Odagaki Hanshoku Co., Ltd.
Yutaka Kasai Mitsui Foods Co., Ltd.
Masao Shibata Nikkohren, Inc.
Akinori Takano Yoneyama Co., Ltd.
Yoshihiro Yoshida Ujie Super Co., Ltd.
Akira Nemoto Kokubu & Co., Ltd.
Hiroyuki Tanaka Aoki Corporation
Koji Murakoshi Landrome Japan Ltd.
Fumitaka Orimoto Kasumi Co., Ltd.
Akihiro Toda Showa Sangyo Co., Ltd.
Inoue Koichi Universe Co., Ltd.

Cornell-in-India and Sathguru

Cornell University and Sathguru Management Consultants collaborate to address issues facing the food and agribusiness industries in India and other South Asian countries. The Cornell-Sathguru initiative for agriculture, food industry development, and food marketing in the region involves partnerships with leading industrial players and academic institutions.

Who Should Attend

This program is designed for:

  • Senior and middle management of food retailing, wholesaling, distribution, processing, food service sector, and brand management firms who aspire to reach higher-level positions
  • Policy planners engaged in integrating agriculture and food sectors
  • Investors engaged in investing in food brands and food retailing sectors

Organizations gain by the improved performance of the participants as they put into practice what they learn and make informed decisions on supply chain and retail processes that make optimal use of market opportunities.