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Food Executive Program

July 14 - 19, 2019




Our five-day program is built around a broad-based curriculum of knowledge and skills required for senior food industry executives. Topics include industry dynamics, personal leadership styles, critical industry issues, retailing trends, shopper markets, and supply chain dynamics. Group projects, case studies, and simulations foster interaction and networking.



Sunday, July 14th

Opening dinner reception

Monday, July 15th

Today's Food Industry: Setting the Stage

Ed McLaughlin: A strategic overview of the food industry and a discussion about the major issues facing retailers, manufacturers, and wholesalers.

Blockchain in the Food Industry

Details coming soon!

Strategic Turnaround Simulation

Bill Drake & Rod Hawkes: Teams compete by operating a retail food company in a computerized simulation of a very dynamic and competitive market. Decisions are made regarding promotional strategy, pricing, labor, procurement, inventory, and capital expenditures.

Tuesday, July 16th

Strategic Turnaround Simulation (cont'd)

Leading at a Higher Level

Ken Blanchard: Best-selling author of The One Minute Manager, Ken gives a spellbinding presentation on the fundamental truths and principles behind "raving fan" customer service and encourages you to take a leadership role for customer advocacy within your organization.

The Future of Food in the US Market

Shelly Balanko: Five macrotrends that are shaping the future of the food and beverage industry are explored in detail in this session, including: socioeconomic dynamics, evolution of eating rituals, the redefinition of food/beverage quality, how we procure food/beverage, and the rise of the premium. Attendees will be asked to reflect on, and share, how each scenario represents challenges, risks, and opportunities for their businesses. Key takeaways will include specific actions to take today to optimize opportunities and mitigate risks of tomorrow.

Strategic Turnaround Simulation (cont'd)

Group social activity

Wednesday, July 17th

Leadership: Decision Making Exercise

Mike Hostetler: An exercise that identifies decision traps and how they can be avoided.

Strategic Turnaround Simulation (cont'd)

Strategic Imperatives in the Food Industry

Bryan Gildenberg: Bryan scans the horizon and provides his unique data-driven insight on the evolving retail landscape.

Strategic Turnaround Simulation (cont'd)

Thursday, July 18th

Strategic Turnaround Simulation (cont'd)

The Future of Private Label

Don Hooker: High quality private label goods are transforming the shopping experience as retailers try to invest in their brands to meet customer needs and gain attractive margins.

Strategic Sleep for Top Performance

Ana Krieger: Ana gives an interactive presentation on indentifying strategies to enhance sleep and optimize performance on a regular basis.

Senior executive panel

Ed McLaughlin: Ed moderates a candid discussion of corporate vision, management philosophies, and critical industry issues with an invited panel of leading food industry senior executives

Picnic dinner sponsored by Nestlé

Friday, July 19th

Forecast for the Future

Ed McLaughlin: In a provocative and interactive session, participants create their own consensus forecast for the future of their industry and, in turn, develop strategies that will enable their firms to cope with and be prepared for the future.

Certificate ceremony

Program conclusion






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